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Katalon Studio

Best Automation Solution for Software Testing Team

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Simple Deployment

All frameworks, ALM integrations and CI plugins included as a single package that cover Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Easy to use

Friendly UI for users to quickly create, execute and maintain tests. Detailed documentations, tutorials and templates to start in no time.

Full Feature Set

All functionality ready for Web, API and Mobile (Android & iOS) automation with team collaboration and test management.

Active Community

100K+ automation testers with Youtube channels, GitHub repositories, and Udemy courses dedicated for Katalon Studio.
100% Customer Support Satisfaction & Monthly Release Schedule

Katalon Studio is a better solution than Selenium based open source frameworks

Pros & Cons of choosing a full features automation tool vs. building your own test framework using open source stacks. The article covers critical aspects of setting up a new automation project.

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A comparison of Katalon Studio and commercial testing tools

Commercial tools are expensive, complex and hard to use. Katalon Studio provides the feature functions of commercial tools without costs and complexity.

Learn how to identify the right automation tool for your project with this qualitative comparison of Katalon Studio to other popular automated testing toolsets in the market.

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Why is Katalon Studio free?

Katalon Studio
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Katalon Studio was originated from KMS Technology R&D. It has been a successful solution for a number of automation projects ranging from small to large teams for enterprise clients.

Katalon Studio is free to use, thanks to the testing services provided by KMS Technology that fund its product development. To support future releases, please consider subscribing to our business support services.

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